Your Smart Way to Get a Site - Start with a 14 Day FREE TRIAL
Your Smart Way to Get a Site - Start with a 14 Day FREE TRIAL


Create the website of your dreams in a few clicks. You can modify your site at any time, and optimize it for search engines. All without code!  Remember we wanted it to be Smart!

Fast and Instant

Yes, our website builder is fast and can help you create your website in minutes. Why worry about website design tools, when you have Smart 1 Sites to create your site for you without breaking a sweat!

Fastest website builder

Beautiful Designs Made Easy

Are you lost with colors and designs? There are many options to choose from, from bright red energetic to match entertainment or corporate advertising to match your new coffee theme. You have a lot to choose from. We have designed them for you to get moving fast!

Easy To Use 

Our website builder is extremely easy to use. Drag, drop, or download images to customize your website to perfection. Edit it, delete it and try again. With our website builder you cannot go wrong. You do not have to be an expert in web design. 

Build your mobile website


Now, with the Smart 1 Sites website builder, you can realize your dream of having a business. All you have to do is insert the name of your business and start working.

Track you traffic and orders quickly and easily!

The Perfect Design For Your Idea

The perfect design for your website? Just choose a layout template and customize it. Select your fonts, colors, backgrounds ... And voilà! You can of course change the design at any time.

Blog Smarter

With website builder mobile compatible, your website will accompany you whether you are on your tablet or smartphone. Insert new photos, edit your texts, and post new blog posts - anytime. 

Easy blog builder


With Smart 1 Sites, you can integrate a secure payment gateway to accept credit card payments on your Invoices from all over the world. Your website's shopping cart includes a 128-bit SSL certificate to keep your information secure.

Make Sure You Capture Each Customer

You know those boxes that come up when you leave a site or scroll through and trigger something within it?   We have those too.   


Easily start collecting your visitors emails, show promotional messages and discounts, and build a marketing funnel to maximize your advertising!

Easy website popup builder


Smarter Technology powering a Smart Digital Strategy!
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