Your Smart Way to Get a Site - Start with a 14 Day FREE TRIAL
Your Smart Way to Get a Site - Start with a 14 Day FREE TRIAL
Landing Page Configuration

Landing Page Configuration

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Need a Landing Page to show off a new product or limited time offer? Having a landing page can be a quick way to advertise with ease. 

We Will: 

Create a landing page for you with all your necessary information laid out within three blocks. The Theme of the landing page will follow the chosen premade theme. Additionally, if your landing page needs to be connected to another existing site, a smart 1 can connect the two.


You will need to have your information planed out and ready to share: 

   -   Logo 

   -   if there is an existing site that you would like this page to connect to,

       please share that page as well as additional information for a Smart 1 to

       accurately link the two sites. 

   -   Copy and images for all the information needed on this site.

       (information should be organized well) 

Once your transaction is processed, you'll receive 2 emails from us. The first is your transaction receipt confirming your order. The second email will contain your next steps and will lay out what we need form you in order to get the work done.

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